Cologne . September 19 . Everyone pull up - Armani Jeans & Me wanna hang out with you !

If you are ready for a meet & greet while hanging among serious fashion, Armani Jeans and me would be thrilled to invite you to our exclusive event to find yourself back between stunning floral skirts, beautiful plaid shirts, sexy skinny jeans and other highlights which will take you higher.
As if this wasn’t enough one of you get the chance to win a special head to toe styling to Armani your style up. 

Everyone can join, but only one will win - 
Try your luck & log in: armani.com

Armani, „Its all about good taste“ !
thursdays 28.08
Giorgio Armani by Andy Warhol
thursdays 28.08
Shirt: Jil Sander . Leather Pants: H&M . Shoes: Jimmy Choo . Shades: Ray Ban

 mondays 25.08 
Jacket: G.B. . Watch: Larsson & Jennings . Silk Scarf: VYVYN Hill by Maja . Shades: Ray Ban
fridays 22.08
Silk Scarf: VYVYN Hill by Maja - shop here

 thursdays 21.08
Heels: SchoShoes
Coat: NafNaf . Silk Scarf: VYVYN Hill by Maja ( coming soon ) . Denim: Vans . Shades: Ray Ban

tuesdays 19.08
Dress: COS . Blazer: Laura Ashley . Pants: Vans . Shades: Ray Ban

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